Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
establishments and
public agencies in
the Albury-Wodonga
Statistical District
and surrounding

(as at November 1996).**

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The information
collected and made
available here is
drawn from the
following Sources:
The Albury-Wodonga
Industrial and
Register, April 1997,

produced by
The Rural
The 1997 Yellow
and private

*This directory
Statistical District
and closely adjoining
regions including the
following Cities (C)
and Shires (S):
Albury (C),
Wodonga (C),
Corowa (S),
Hume (S),
Culcairn (S),
Holbrook (S),
Towong (S),
Indigo (S),
Alpine (S) and
Milawa (S).

**While every effort
is made to ensure
currency and
accuracy, Albury-
accepts no
responsibility for any
information, errors
or omissions in this

This section has listings in the following categories:
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Services to Agriculture
Engineering Consultancy
Forestry and Logging

Agribusiness Industries

Alpacas | Apples | Aquaculture | Asparagus | Blueberries | Chestnuts | Citrus Fruit | Contract Harvesting | Cut Flowers | Dairy | Deer Farming | Emu | Food and Fruit Processing | Garlic and Green Garlic Shoots | Grain | Hazlenuts | Herbs | Honey | Hops | Kiwifruit | Livestock | Mustard Seed | Peppermint | Persimmons | Rubus Growers | Seed | Sheep Milking | Stone Fruit | Timber | Tobacco | Training | Transport | Vegetables | Walnuts | Water | Water Chestnuts | Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Marketers | Wine | Worms


  • Alpaca fleece production.
  • S&I McGregor, Chiltern

Primarilly for the fresh fruit market, some juice production.

  • R Sinclair, Stanley
  • Snowline Fruits, Stanley
  • K Nightingale, Wandiligong

Aquaculture - Trout and Salmon
Fresh table trout and salmon, pate, mousse, smoked and cured products, sausages, gravlax. Some tourist facilities.

  • Beechworth Trout Farm, Beechworth
  • Crystal Waters Trout Farm, Harrietville
  • Eskdale Trout Farm, Eskdale
  • Harveys Fish Farm, Albury
  • Hume Weir Trout Farm, Hume Weir
  • Laurel Hill Trout Farm, Eskdale
  • Mountain Fresh Trout Farm, Bright
  • Upper Murray Fish Farm, Nariel

Aquaculture - Yabbies

  • Bright Creek Yabbies, Kergunyah
  • Premier Yabbies, Culcairn

Aquaculture - Worms
Aquatic worms for aquarium pet trade industry and zoos.

  • Victorian Aquatic Worms, Beechworth

Fresh asparagus for fresh fruit and vegetable markets, domestic consumption.

  • N Mautone, Myrtleford
  • H&D Ruaro, Myrtleford
  • R Smith, Albury

Fruit for fresh fruit market, some processing.

  • L Consignani, Myrtleford
  • G Daws, Myrtleford

Fresh chestnuts, some 'pick your own' tourist facilities.

  • Highgrove Orchards, Stanley

Citrus Fruit
Oranges, lemons, grapefruit and mandarin for fresh fruit and juicing.

  • G Colson, South Wangaratta
  • J Emslie, Wangaratta

Contract Harvesting

  • Leon and Jason Schilg, Walla Walla

Cut Flowers
Cut flowers including roses, gerberas, altriermia, carnations.

  • C Eldred & R Bone, Wandiligong
  • L Bisinella, Myrtleford

Dairy Industry
Milk for processing and packaging.
Approximately 340 regional producers (dairy farms).

Key contact:
S Crooke, via Wodonga

Dairy Processing
Fresh milk and cream products, cheeses and dried milk products:

  • Haberfield/Parmalat, Albury-Wodonga
  • Milawa Cheese Company, Milawa
  • Murray Goulburn, Kiewa

Dairy - Speciality Cheeses
Made from cows milk, goats milk and sheep milk using traditional methods and without preservatives.

  • Milawa Cheese Factory, Milawa

Deer Farming
Venison meat, Antler velvet, skins and other by-products.

  • Beckvale Pty Ltd, Barnawatha

Emu meat, oil, skins and breeding stock.

  • R Cavedon, Myrtleford
  • Gooramadda Emus, Gooramadda

Food and Fruit Processing
Fruit based jams, marmalades, preserves, marinades and other products.

  • S Alker-Jones (preserves), Albury
  • Beechworth Preserves, Beechworth
  • B.T.S. (preserves), Albury
  • Cocktails in Chocolate, Wodonga
  • M Hyslop (preserved eggplant), Gooramadda
  • Kiewa Valley Olive Oil, Bright
  • R Little (jams, marmalades, preserves, marinades), Yackandandah
  • R Mortimer (honey), Bellbridge

Garlic and Green Garlic Shoots

Key contact:
P Ward, Swanpool

Grain Merchants
Wheat for stock feed and flour, Triticale, Lupins, Canola and Oats.

  • Whitty Produce Pty Ltd, Wangaratta

Grain Production
Wheat, Triticale, Barley, Oilseeds, Canola, Linseed, Peas, Lupins.
Over 250 grain producers in area.

Key contact:
Institute for Integrated Agricultural Development, Rutherglen

Grain Processing - Bunge
Wheat and other coarse grain - Triticale, Barley, Oats, Lupins, Peas for stock feed for pig, cattle and poultry industries.

  • Bunge Feeds Pty Ltd, Corowa

Grain Processing - Uncle Tobys
Manufacturer of a range of cereal and nutritional and snack products.

  • Uncle Tobys, Wahgunyah

Approx 30 "commercial" producers with between 250 - 2500 trees

Key Contact:
P Jamieson, Wangaratta

Medicinal, culinary and specialist herbs grown by approx 30-40 producers with between 1 and 10 acres put to herbs.

Individual growers:

  • Pantry Herbs, I McLeod, Tawonga South
  • S Masters, Corryong
Key contact:
Robert Down Enterprises, Alexandra;
Southern Light Herbs, Maldon

At least 10 major growers and numerous small "backyard" operators

Individual growers include:

  • Beechworth Honey, Beechworth
  • R Mortimer, Bellbridge
  • Walkabout Apiaries, Milawa

Currently 14 growers with 300ha total acerage

Key contact:
G. Hughes, Roshrever Hop Gardens, Myrtleford

6 producers in the region.

Key contact:
J McNamara, Whorouly;
R&F Rinaldi, Myrtleford

Livestock - Beef
Approx 2000 producers located throughout the region including grass fed, beef only, mixed farms and grain feedlots.
Saleyards located at Wodonga, Wangaratta and Benalla.
7(+) Abattoirs located within region, most beef processed locally.

C&J Highett, Milawa;
N Kerr, Tallangatta;
M Conroy, Milawa;
J Yelland, Milawa;
G Perry, Wangaratta;
Meat Research Corporation, Sydney;
P Dargan, Wangaratta

Livestock - Lamb and Sheep for meat
Approx 1000 growers within region.

Institute for Integrated Agricultural Development, Rutherglen

Livestock Processing

Processing carcasses including pigs, sheep, lambs, cattle, bobby calves, horses, venison, goats and buffalo; skins and hides; edible offal; tallow; pet food raw materials; guts, runners; blood.
7(+) Abattoirs within region.
1 Sausage casing manufacturer in Wangaratta.
3 sheepskin processing plants.
  • Barnawartha Abattoirs;
  • Bunge Livestock Industries, Corowa;
  • GFM Meats, Myrtleford;
  • Wang Meat Co, Wangaratta;
  • McKay Casings, Wangaratta;
  • Southern Pacific Sheepskins, Benalla;
  • General Abattoir Services, Wodonga;
  • C Stephenson, Wangaratta;
  • Wodonga Meats;
  • B Mahoney, Mansfield;
  • Lambskin Products, Benalla

Mustard Seed

  • Milawa Mustard, Milawa

Approx 13 growers.

Key contacts:
Ovens Research Station;
Corryong Essential Oils;
VicMint Partners, Ascot Vale

Currently 2 growers

R&W Wood, Tallangatta

Rubus Growers
Raspberries, Red and Black Currants, English Gooseberries, Blackberries and hybrids
Approx 9 farms in region

Individual growers include:

  • R&P Serpell, Dederang
  • Highgrove Orchards, Stanley

Seed Merchants
Pasture grass and clover seed
Approx 6 merchants, seed sourced locally (50%), south east South Australia and New Zealand

Key Contact:
MJ Smyth and Sons, Benalla

Seed Production
Approximately 23 producers - temperate grass seeds, specialist seeds, mixed seeds and sub clover seed.

Parkseeds, Mansfield
Upper Murray Seeds, Corryong
Baker Seed Company, Rutherglen

Sheep Milking

  • S Campbell, "Cooloongatta", Wangaratta

Stone Fruit
Peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots and plums.
At least 14 growers in region.

  • Collins, "Rokewood", Table Top
  • Wandin Valley Farms, Glenrowan
  • D Buck, Wangaratta
  • L Wilson, Wangaratta
  • B&V Gray, Albury

Timber - Softwood
40+ growers, public and private plantations

Contacts (public):
VPC, Myrtleford
Wangaratta Regional Development Coropration
Ovens Research Station, Myrtleford
Contacts (private):
North East Victoria Forest Growers Co-operative

Timber - Hardwood
7 mills in region, timber mostly sourced from public land.

Key Contact:
DCNR, Wodonga and Myrtleford

Timber - Processing

  • Carter Holt Harvey, Myrtleford
  • Australian Newsprint Mills, Albury
  • Monsbent, Benalla
  • Dominance, Wangaratta
  • Consair Sustainable Specialty Timber, Yackandandah
  • Dehydration Kilns Australia, Yackandandah

Timber - Farm Forestry

  • Australian Newsprint Mills, Albury
  • SINE, Myrtleford
  • NE Farm Forrestry Network
  • NE Farm Forrestry Co-Operative
  • Murray Darling Basin Commission
  • Ovens Water
  • Ovens Research Station, Myrtelford

100+ growers

Key contact:
Tobacco Co-Operative of Victoria
Ovens Research Station, Myrtleford

10 providers offering agriculture related courses

  • Agriculture Victoria, Tatura
  • Albury Wodonga Group Training
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Goulburn Valley Group Training
  • Ovens and King Valley Community Health Centres
  • Permaculture Design
  • Secondary School Colleges
  • The Centre for Adult and Community Education
  • Wangaratta College of TAFE
  • Wodonga College of TAFE

Provision of transport services to the agricultural sector includes but in no way limited to:

  • Buffalo Livestock Transport, Wodonga
  • DM Collis, Walbundrie
  • Day's Freight Lines, Oaklands
  • D&M Elliot, Bethanga
  • J Elliott, Leneva West
  • Finemores Transport, Wagga Wagga
  • Franks Transport, Tallangatta
  • Greenfreight, Myrtleford
  • LM Hauser, Wodonga
  • C Healy, Bonegilla
  • Corryong Transport, Corryong
  • Lewington's Transoprt, Wodonga
  • AJ&CE Moyle, Bullioh
  • Murray Transport, Mudgegonga
  • Tresidder Transport, Wodonga
  • Milawa Transport Company, Wangaratta
  • Canning Carrying Company, Wangaratta

Various growers - cabbages, capsicums, tomatoes, pumpkins, brocolli, cauliflower, leeks, corn, onions, squash, carrots, mushrooms, zucinni, lettuce etc

Growers include:

  • B Patton Hydroponic Tomatoes, Albury
  • B&V Gray, Albury
  • Gooramadda Lettuce Farm, Rutherglen
  • C Rigoni, Mt Beauty
  • Alpine Produce, Myrtleford
  • J LaSpina, Whorouly

9+ growers, 250+ acres under production

Growers include:

  • G Gasser, Gapstead

Water management and provision - North East Victoria:

  • Goulburn Murray Water,
  • Urban Water Authorities - Kiewa Murray Water; Ovens Water; Mid Goulburn Water
  • North Eastern Regional Catchment and Land Protection Board, Wodonga
  • River Management Authorities - Upper North East RMA; Broken River Management Board; North East Waterways

Water Buffalo

  • Lake Hume Buffalo

Water Chestnuts
Various growers including:

  • P Edwards, Corowa
  • G Maddock, Yackandandah

Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Marketers

  • Wangaratta Produce, Wangaratta
  • Nufruit, Wangaratta
  • Arnold's, Wodonga
  • Intanat (Aust), Albury

78 specialist grape growers, 32 wineries

Key contact:
North East Victorian Wine Growers Association
Rutherglen Winemakers, Wahgunyah


  • G Maddock, Yackandandah
  • Aus-Worms, Benalla
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Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

  • OLIJF, Gooramadda (olive processing equipment)
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Services to Agriculture

  • Agriculture Victoria, Rutherglen
  • Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Wodonga
  • Inoculant Services, Bethanga
  • R W Gardner - Stockman, Wodonga
  • RobRose Engineering - Welding and Fabrication, Table Top
  • Riverina Artificial Breeders Pty Ltd, Table Top
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Engineering Consultancy

  • Teamec, Albury
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Forestry and Logging

  • Forestry and Logging
  • Femapine Softwood Logging, Albury
  • Forestry Commission of NSW, Thurgoona
  • Hume Weir Trout Farm
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