Cultural and Recreational
establishments and
public agencies in
the Albury-Wodonga
Statistical District
and surrounding

(as at November 1996).**

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The information
collected and made
available here is
drawn from the
following Sources:
The Albury-Wodonga
Industrial and
Register, April 1997,

produced by
The Rural
The 1997 Yellow
and private

*This directory
Statistical District
and closely adjoining
regions including the
following Cities (C)
and Shires (S):
Albury (C),
Wodonga (C),
Corowa (S),
Hume (S),
Culcairn (S),
Holbrook (S),
Towong (S),
Indigo (S),
Alpine (S) and
Milawa (S).

**While every effort
is made to ensure
currency and
accuracy, Albury-
accepts no
responsibility for any
information, errors
or omissions in this

This section has listings in the following categories:
Film and Video Services | Radio and Television Services | Arts | Artists | Services to the Arts | Sports Facilities | Adventure Sports | Libraries | Other Recreation Services rule

Film and Video Services

  • Cinema Centre Twin, Albury
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Radio and Television Services
  • Austar, Albury
  • Northeast Broadcasters, Wodonga
  • Prime Television (Victoria) Pty Ltd, Albury
  • Radio 2AY, Albury
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  • Bowen's Entertainment, Lavington
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  • Paul Sanders - Glass Artist, Albury
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Services to the Arts
  • Callesens Country Wide, Albury
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Sports Facilities
  • Ace Swim and Fitness Centre, Lavington
  • Albury Sports Centre, Albury
  • Major League Indoor Cricket Centre, North Albury
  • North Albury Pool, North Albury
  • Twin Cities Ten Pin Bowling, Wodonga
  • Wodonga Leisure Centre, Wodonga
  • Wodonga Tennis Centre, Wodonga
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Adventure Sports
  • Rapid Descents, Khancoban - Whitewater Rafting
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  • Albury Library, Albury
  • Upper Murray Regional Library, Albury
  • Wodonga Library, Wodonga
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Other Recreation Services
  • Albury Racing Club, Albury
  • Bogong Outdoor Education Centre, Bogong
  • Frog Hollow Tourist Attraction, Albury
  • The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Albury
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